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Creating a web application with Angular and Firebase - What I Learned

A member of staff at my school approached me before the summer holidays looking for a way of doing something that's usually done on paper, digitally. It's a niche concept that can best be described as "self allocation to classes in the timetable". In Sixth Form we have these things called Directed Studies, sessions in the day during which someone watches over us while we procrastinate study productively. In Year 13 the number you have to attend is predetermined, but you get to choose when you would like these study periods. It's a fairly simple system and in the past involved getting everyone's preferences on paper.

Now, you might say that creating a website for this sole purpose is overkill - if it works, then why fix it? And you would be right to say that. If I was to weigh up the value of the tool and development effort, it makes no sense to build something from scratch.

That's why I made a responsive and modern web application, from the ground up, to …

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