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So, you’ve probably seen the Amazon Dash Button - a compact little wifi connected button. There have been loads of different “hacks” circulating on the internet, and since they were recently released in the UK I decided to order one.

One day later I had it toggling my Lifx light bulb thanks to the countless tutorials on the internet. I followed Steven Tso’s blog post and it only took me about half an hour.
Setting up the Dash Button with the app was simple, and cancelling at the final step (selecting the product) let’s you press it without ordering anything. Since the Dash only connects to WiFi when it’s pressed, the majority of the “hacks” online involved monitoring the WiFi network, waiting for the Dash Button to join, and then executing the relevant code.

Works great… Until your internet dies. I don’t know about you but I have to restart my WiFi router almost daily to avoid slowing down, which seems to break the ARP monitoring code. When trying it again today, I realised that I cou…