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Graphing Energy Consumption with TP Link HS100 Smart Plug

Monitoring energy is a rather large interest of mine - I've developed Monitor for EnergyHive and Efergy Engage and my family have solar panels. It's interesting to see trends in our energy usage with my app, however it doesn't give us any information about which devices in particular are using the most energy.

I happen to use a HS100 smart plug to control my desk but was disappointed by the little information that the Kasa application displays and therefore have never used it to track my energy consumption. Today I got a bit of free time and decided to look into reverse engineering the smart plug. Luckily this had been done before by @ggeorgovassilis on GitHub so I didn't need to look into it myself - I just grabbed the script, made a few modifications and then wrote my own logging shell script.

This was one of my first properly functional shell scripts and, wow, I actually quite like working with shell scripts. They are versatile and reliable and also fun to write. I …

Material About Library - Release 2.3.0

Earlier today I released version 2.3.0 of material-about-library. This is a brief summary of the changes in the release.
In this release, we have addressed the issue of the ActionItem and TitleItem text from being misaligned. (#79)

Since the design of the default items has changed, please note that this update contains breaking changes. If you have created your own custom items to use alongside the defaults, make sure that they still look good and check their alignment with the new design. The photo below is a comparison between the old layout and new layout. There was some discussion in issue #79 in which @code-schreiber and I decided that the 'new' (right side) layout is more aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to this, I would like to thank @code-schreiber again for updating translations in the library and tidying up the readme.

Finally, the bundled version of the support library has been updated to 27.1.1 which fixes some Fragment Transactions that you might have encountere… Desktop Wallpaper

As you've probably gathered by now, I listen to music basically whenever I can. I keep track of my listening statistics using a fantastic service called This benefits me in multiple ways - they're able to suggest me new tracks based on the type of songs that listen to (albeit the algorithm isn't as good as the one Spotify uses), and I can see how my music taste shifts over time. Statistics interest me, so the weekly report is a fantastic method of visualising my listening habits. I tend to listen to a large number of tracks over the course of a week.
Another great thing about is the number of 3rd party applications available. The API allows these services to access your listening data and provide all kinds of cool stats & visualisations. There's a great post over at /r/lastfm with list of all the currently working websites.
One of my favourites is which creates a word cloud of your top artists. Here's mine:
I was al…